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A donation through Trick Shots For Charity works via the Facebook donate button associated with each respective Facebook trick shot video. The first button on the left will lead you to our Facebook page. The second button in the middle will lead to a list of Terre Haute charities. Finally, the third button on the right will lead to our email. The mission of Trick Shots For Charity is to serve as a prompt to raise money for any Wabash Valley charity. Thus, if a specific charity you'd like to donate to is not represented by any of our trick shot videos, another option includes donating to any Wabash Valley charity, and then indicating your donation to us through

a receipt sent to our email

What charity do I give to?

Trick Shots For Charity partners with any charity in Terre Haute. You can donate to any Wabash Valley charity and it will qualify to be on Trick Shots For Charity.

Any donation amount we value. 

Does 100% of my donation go to charity?

Yes. Trick Shots For Charity represents a completely philanthropic organization and makes no monetary profit. All of your donation will go to charity.

Why should I make a donation through TSC?

We believe Trick Shots For Charity represents a fun, creative way to give back to the community and help those in need. TSC offers a unique platform to educate the public on the charities of Terre Haute, pay tribute to our athletes, and become part of something special never seen in any town before. 

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