How does a donation work?

A donation through Trick Shots For Charity works by following any of the donate buttons below. The first button on top showcases our featured charity for the time being. The second button in the middle leads to a list of Terre Haute charities. Finally, the third button on the bottom puts you and Trick Shots For Charity in contact to start a donation process if any of the above options do not suffice. Another 

option includes donating to any Terre Haute charity, and then sending

 a receipt of your donation to

Trick Shots For Charity donations follow a tiered system of platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. For each of the donation levels, the company name with the tier will be presented at the end of the sponsored trick shot video. The sponsorship will then also be permanently recorded on the Trick Shots For Charity sponsors page. 

Platinum  $750

Gold  $500

Silver  $250

sent to

What charity do I give to?

Trick Shots For Charity partners with any charity in Terre Haute. In other words, you can donate to any Terre Haute charity and it will qualify to be on Trick Shots For Charity. We ask for a minimum donation of $100; however, any donation value we appreciate.   

Does 100% of my donation go to charity? 

Yes. Trick Shots For Charity represents a completely philanthropic organization and makes no monetary profit. All of your donation will go to charity. 

drive to make trick shots, Logan Steward and Gary Ulrich founded Trick Shots For Charity. What started as weekend hangouts now represents a way to help those in need. 

Where does your donation go?

Why should I make a donation through TSC?

We believe Trick Shots For Charity represents a fun, creative way to give back to the community and help those in need. TSC offers a unique platform to educate the public on the charities of Terre Haute, advertise one's philanthropy, and become part of something special never seen before in any town.