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The Stealing Second Shot


Yankees. Cubs. Reds. Let's add Angels, Padres, and Indians. He's put on the pinstripes. He's touched the ivy at Wrigley. He's played catch with Angels in the outfield. And sometimes behind the office door, he still jams out to the song Wild Thing. The Terre Haute native's major league career has been storybook, and those nostalgias will never leave Brian Dorsett. And never will his catcher's arm if you just

ask him to warm it up. 


From the fastball coming right down the middle of the plate to the Ford Mustang revving its engine at the green light, Brian Dorsett likes things that go fast. Baseball. Cars. Let's add another topic Brian Dorsett likes to do fast: trick shots. Brian hit his trick shot within 15 minutes, the fastest trick shot yet. And let's not forget he was shooting at a moving target that was well, going pretty fast.

When we first started Trick Shots For Charity, we had the scope of recruiting relatively current professional athletes. Think Danny Etling, AJ Reed, Josh Phegley. However, it was during our Allendale Hill Shot with John Mascari that John informed us Brian Dorsett was his uncle and could do a shot. Our scope widened to all generations.  

Flash forward, and we're waiting in the lobby of the Dorsett Nissan car dealership. We have a meeting with Brian Dorsett. We've heard his voice on radio ads, seen his face on TV commercials, and know the name from the car dealership signs. Yet, we have never met the man. There's no telling how he'll react when we ask him to do a trick shot. 

We wait in the lobby chairs for about 15 minutes. It's like we're in a hospital waiting room anticipating our names called at any moment. 

Brian then emerges from the Dorsett Hyundai dealership across the street. He walks over to greet us. Watching a baseball player walk from a distance only prompts the iconic scene of baseball players emerging

 from the outfield in the movie

Field of Dreams


Brian sells cars and thus gives sales pitches to Wabash Valley residents for a living. However, for the next few minutes, the world is reversed. We give our trick shot spiel, and Brian ponders if he wants in. He likes the intro video for shot. "Oh yes, I remember facing good old Curt Schilling. Mean splitter." Showing

 rather than talking always enhances the business sale. Brian is in.

The trick shot day arrives. We plan to have Brian stand at home plate and throw out the runner (the golf cart with the goal) stealing second base. He warms up his arm. Its been 23 years since Brian stepped on a major league diamond. Yet you can tell he played by the way he throws the ball. He's the dad you want to play

catch with in the backyard. 

Remember, Brian Dorsett likes things that go fast. So Brian throws his first attempts. He figures out the trick shot parameters: how far to throw the ball, how high to throw the ball, and when to throw the ball. After this, as mentioned, Brain hits the shot in 15 minutes. Fast. Any runner should think twice about stealing second on Brian Dorsett even

after 23 years of retirement. 

With hitting trick shots, there is immense joy. If you don't believe it, watch the 58 year old Brian Dorsett after he hits his shot. We do trick shots to support our local athletes,

 raise funds for local charities, and bring Terre Haute together. However, we also do it because frankly, it is fun. Brian's reaction attests to that enjoyment, and The Stealing Second Shot was one of the most fun shots yet. Thank you Brian.


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