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Trick  Shots  For  Charity

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The Moon Ball Shot

The Allendale Hill Shot

The Moon Ball Shot consists of Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Danny Etling launching a football into a distant basketball goal.  

The Allendale Hill Shot consists of 3x All-American Cross Country runner John Mascari throwing a basketball from a hill into a goal.


The Stealing Second Shot

The 15 Point Shot

The Stealing Second Shot consists of Cincinnati Reds catcher Brian Dorsett throwing a basketball through a goal.

The 15 Point Shot consists of the Philippines national tennis team's Ruben Gonzales serving a ball into a goal. 


The Home Run Shot

The Raising The Bar Shot

The Home Run Shot consists of former Houston Astros slugger AJ Reed hitting a ball into a goal in centerfield. 

The Raising The Bar Shot consists of 5x national champion high jumper Liz Evans leaping over a high bar swishing a shot. 

The Chest Pass Shot

The Chest Pass Shot consists of Mr. Olympia finalist Derek Lunsford making a shot from a bench press. 

The Brown vs Blue Shot

The Brown vs Blue Shot consists of Indiana State center Justin Gant racing against Purdue guard Maynard Lewis to make a trick shot from the bleachers. 

The Hole-In-One Shot

The Hole-In-One Shot consists of professional golfer Thomas Goss chipping his shot into a goal located on the green.

The Water Tower Shot

The Water Tower Shot consists of major leaguer Brady Shoemaker ricocheting his shot off of the Brazil water tower.

The Four Wheeler Shot

The Four Wheeler Shot consists of country star Dylan Schneider launching a ball into goal while on a moving four wheeler.

The 7 Rings Shot

The Double Play Shot

The Double Play Shot consists of former MLB players Jeremy Lucas and Tyler Wampler turning two for their shot.

The Bobsledding Shot

The Bobsledding Shot consists of 3x USA National Champion and USA World Cup Member Bruce Rosselli sledding down Deming Park hill for his shot.

The Balcony Shot

The Balcony Shot consists of University of Evansville's all-time leading scorer Sara Dickey, as she sinks a shot from a balcony.

The Breaking Barriers Shot

The Breaking Barriers Shot consists of Clarence Walker, who was the first African American to play in a collegiate postseason.

The Sycamore Building Shot

The Sycamore Building Shot consists of 1948 All-American 

basketball player Duane Klueh dropping a ball from pristine heights.

The Travis J. Smith Shot


The 7 Rings Shots consists of former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Frank Hamblen. 

The Travis J. Smith Shot features former NBA 1st overall pick Greg Oden hitting a shot to honor his friend Travis Smith.


The Covered Bridge Shot

The Del Mar Cliff Shot

The Covered Bridge Shot features Indiana basketball star Jordan Hulls shooting over a famous Indiana covered bridge.

The Del Mar Cliff Shot features former NFL coach Cam Cameron. throwing a football off of a cliff int.o a goal. 


The Food-Bank Shot

The Food-Bank Shot consists of Indiana basketball star Collin Hartman banking in a shot to support a Terre Haute foodbank.

The Baseball Pitch Shot

The Baseball Pitch Shot features former MLB Allstar Tommy John ricocheting a ball off a tee with his baseball pitch. 


The Sports Reporter Shot

The Sports Reporter Shot consists of Houston sports analyst 

Vanessa Richardson sinking a one-handed shot behind her head.

The Rick's Rallies Shot

The Rick's Rallies Shot consists of WTHI'TV's sports director

Rick Semmler making a shot on a moving goal.

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